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Hi!  My name is Doug Liebl, owner of Adopt-a-Mac.  I have been an avid user and advocate of Apple computers since I first touched an Apple IIe in grade school in the 80’s.  In high school, we were fortunate to be equipped with the first Apple Macintosh computers.  This is where I became interested in hardware and how computers worked.  I learned how to troubleshoot and fix minor problems my classmates would encounter.  I continued to follow Apple and keep up with their technology through college. 


Upon my completion of my schooling, I decided to become officially recognized by Apple as a repair technician.  I accomplished this in January of 2002.  This certification gave me the knowledge to be able to fix my own problems and help others while I started my career in teaching. 


Over the years, students and colleagues have asked for advice on the purchasing of technology along with its repair. I was happy to find the best equipment at prices they could afford along with fix any problems they encountered.  


I still hold true to this philosophy today at Adopt-a-Mac.  I believe high quality technology should be within everyone’s reach.  Adopt-a-Mac offers customers the best quality pre-owned Apple equipment along with any needed repairs at affordable prices.  

Order online or stop at our Bemidji store in beautiful northern Minnesota!

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