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Do your pre-owned Macs/iDevices come with a warranty?


Yes.  The pre-owned products we offer have a 90-day warranty.  It will arrive guaranteed working.  If there is a problem within 48 hours due to hardware failure, and not abuse, we will send you a return label and ship you a replacement.

What do I get with my pre-owned Mac/iDevice?


All Macs/iDevices come with charger and charge cables.  Original user manuals, documentation, and accessories will not be included.


In what condition will my pre-owned Mac/iDevice be in?


We only sell A grade products at Adopt-a-mac.  Cosmetically, it will be clean and will have minimal wear.  Small dings and light scratches are normal on pre-owned products.  There will not be any major dents, deep scratches or cracks.  In some cases, your item may look new.  Little to no wear shows the previous owner took good care of it, which means it will be less likely to have issues.

In what condition will the battery in my Mac/iDevice be in?

Since your Mac/iDevice is pre-owned, it will have a used battery.  We strive to sell only items with an 80% or higher battery capacity, and with as few charge cycles as possible.  All products we receive are tested. Batteries that have excessive wear are replaced with genuine Apple batteries for Macs and high-quality aftermarket batteries for iDevices.

What software will my Mac/iDevice come with?


At the time of shipping, your Mac/iDevice will come with the most current version operating system its hardware can handle.  No other software will be included.

If I have a question before or after my purchase, how do I contact you?


If you have questions, please email us at and we will reply as soon as possible.

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